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* What is a Traceroute command?

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Traceroute command or Tracert command is a network administrator tool that has the primary purpose of checking the whole route of a query. It uses ICMP Protocol (Control Message Protocol) to send packets to the destination (domain or an IP address). In the end, you will get statistics about the route.

How to traceroute?

You can find Traceroute command on most popular operating systems like Linux, macOS, Windows (It is called Tracert), and mobile OSes (Android and iOS).

When you are using it, you can set a TTL value. In this case, it is the maximum number of hops that your query can do before reaching the target.

Example on Linux (Traceroute):

  • -m for the maximum amount of hops, by default, is 30.
  • -n Not mapping an IP address to the hostname.

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